Fox Pyjamas (Seconds)

£26.99 £10.00


Fox Pyjamas (Seconds)

£26.99 £10.00

These are lovely cream sale organic pyjamas have a cute all-over fox print on the leggings and sleeves. Felix the Fox is cuddled up fast asleep for those sleepy little cubs at bedtime.

The top is a slim fit t-shirt shape. The leggings have elasticated cuffs to prevent them from sliding up little legs in bed.

Made with 100% British organic cotton jersey.

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Sale organic pyjamas – Fox print

These sale organic fox pyjamas for toddlers are a fantastic choice at a fantastic price. The 100% organic cotton is great for any skin but in particular for young children, who are more sensitive to chemicals around them. Natural fabrics are a must have for any toddlers suffering with any skin conditions, such as eczema. Cotton is also great for keeping you warm when it’s chilly and cool when its hot.

The soft combination of leggings and short-sleeved top make them great pyjamas for all seasons!

Organic cotton is far less polluting than standard cotton so a great choice all round. It’s also far better for the farmers too! Excellent justification for some snuggly organic pyjamas for your toddler.

They are seconds  (and therefore greatly reduced) due to a slight misprint of the fox during the printing process – its hardly noticeable but hasn’t passed our strict quality control.


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