Badger Vest

£13.50 £7.99


Badger Vest

£13.50 £7.99

A soft white long-sleeved vest featuring little Brock the Badger. The black and white contrast make this vest an easy match with any leggings or trousers.

Three nickel-free poppers at the bottom and envelope neckline for easy undressing.

Made from 100% British-knitted organic cotton.

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Organic cotton vest

A soft white organic cotton vest belongs in every babies’ wardrobe! The envelope neckline makes these vests super easy to slide down off your little ones. Very handy if they have got particularly dirty or had an accident that you really don’t want to pull up over their head!

The 100% organic cotton is great for any skin but in particular for babies, who are more sensitive to the chemicals and environment around them. It’s natural so a must have for any babies or toddlers suffering with any skin conditions, such as eczema. Cotton is also great for keeping you warm when it’s chilly and cool when its hot.

Organic cotton is far less polluting than standard cotton so a great environmental choice too.


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