The British Babies™ Story

British Babies™ is all about creating organic baby clothes from 0-3 months up to 3-4 years that are excellent quality and far less harmful to the environment than many other baby clothes. All of our garments are designed, printed and manufactured in the UK. It is a very British brand, adorned with the cutest little animal babies indigenous to the UK.

British Babies unique badger design. Copyright.

Willow, founder of British Babies, established the company in 2016 after spending several years working in the NHS and a long career in her family retail business. Willow wanted to run her own retail business but has three little children to juggle alongside being a military wife and the frequent moves that are a part of that. With the support of fellow military spouses, the concept of British Babies grew into a reality, and has since moved around the country several times!

'Being British is something I have always been very proud of. I like our sense of identity as a country and wanted to celebrate this in as many ways as possible. Manufacturing in the UK is an essential part of the company ethos. We source as much of our supplies from the UK as possible. We fully support British manufacturing, creating jobs in Britain, reducing our carbon footprint - all through making our clothing in the UK. With little animals indigenous to the UK feature in our collections, it couldn't be more British!'

'With young children, I experience first-hand what works and what doesn't for their clothes. Mobile and mischievous, little ones need comfortable, good quality clothing that survives the washing machine well at a reasonable price. I also want what is best for them, so organic cotton and baby-friendly dyes are essential to the collection.'

Our Ethos



All our garments are made here in the UK.

Our organic 100% cotton is knitted in the UK and all the printing is also undertaken in the UK using the most eco-friendly and baby-friendly inks possible.

All of the above create a high quality product with complete transparency in the supply chain, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and promoting jobs in the UK.

British Babies GOTS


Organic cotton is our first class choice of fabric. It’s more environmentally friendly and supports local farmers to keep soils fertilewater clean and no pesticides to handle.

It is softer because it hasn’t been treated with chemicals that break the cotton fibres during the conventional farming cotton process. Also, the absence of these chemicals means organic cotton is less likely to trigger or aggravate the skin; perfect for happy little babies.

The cotton is grown and processed in GOTs certified mills in India and Turkey (we can’t grow cotton in the UK) and subsequently knitted here in the UK.

British Babies icon


All of our prints, except the mustard deer and grey bunny print, are exclusive to British Babies and have been designed from scratch, making it completely unique. Our badger, fox and hedgehog have been hand painted by a children’s illustrator- this creates a pattern that is different to anything else you can find online or on the high street.

The neutral colour palette means the collection is fairly unisex and again, something more unusual for an organic collection. It is a more muted alternative to a brightly coloured organic clothing market.

Our Amazing Team




Chief explorer and worm-finder


Creative Director

Willow Hearne

Founder & CEO